My goal is not to excel in a dog sport. Lyra is too nervous to take on the road, and I am too green as a trainer. Instead, I want to give her skills that will keep her safe (e.g., recall), engage her mind, and allow us to do fun things together. I also want to find games that use her innate drives (herding, mostly), to keep the light in her eyes.

I currently do all training with Lyra through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, though I recently took an online course in the foundations for herding, through Kynic Stockdogs. In all cases, instructors use methods that reinforce the behaviour you want (through food, toys, etc.) rather than correcting (through punishment) the behaviour you don’t want.

This site will help me organize our efforts. Any mistakes in training are mine and do not reflect the quality of instruction or Lyra’s ability!

Training areas:


Herding Basics

Fundamentals of Heeling

Settle on a Mat

Recall (ongoing)

Other things I’m working on — which also fall under the category of training — are on the Handling and Tools pages. For all that I’m trying to keep things simple, I need a Venn diagram to show how training, play, and coping with fear overlap! Most things I work on with Lyra are designed to help her live more happily in the world — but some are cue based (“do this thing I ask, and you get a treat”) and others are designed to change how she feels (“notice how the hand near your face coincides with a treat?”)