Lyra’s triggers

Still very problematic

  • garbage trucks (sound)
  • buses (sound) [March 2017: after some initial improvement, she seems to be regressing]
  • backward beep (sound)
  • people singing or making strange noises (sound)
  • strangers reaching for her.
  • unknown people moving purposefully towards us
  • people putting hands on either side of her face (except me)
  • people touching her sides, belly, back (very intermittent, and not with me)
  • other dogs jumping up on me. [She has regressed a little in this resource guarding behaviour. She does not harm the other dog, but is clearly upset.]
  • nail trim [March 30, 2017: progress on paws being held with clipper action near them]
  • Crossing busy road [Jan 24, 2017: she seems much worse in areas that have prior bad associations; on new, busy intersections she is much calmer]


  • car travel [August 28, 2016: willingly jumps into a car; able to relax; will pant and even whine at times, but much less than before]
  • scooters and bikes with training wheels (sound) [Sept 16, 2016: fine if one of us is riding a scooter; reacts (barks) if anyone else is riding a scooter nearby, but will often re-direct or take treats and seems less agitated than before; almost always fine with bikes]
  • people approaching our house or back fence [August 28, 2016: Most of the time she’s fine, now; she often barks in greeting if someone comes up to the house, but it seems more excitement than fear, and is short-lived.]
  • children moving quickly around her [August 28, 2016: she is fine watching children play in the park from 15 or more feet away; I haven’t yet tried close rapid play]

Overcome, or close enough

  • rapid motion of limbs near her (e.g., mopping, scrubbing, running) [Jan 24, 2017: much better; usually no reaction apart from watching. I now deem it arousal, not fear; some training still needed.]
  • vacuum cleaner (sound) [June 9, 2016: great success for a while — she was happy to see/hear the machine! May 2017: she has become less happy, in spite of continued treats, but tends to avoid it, so it’s not really a problem.]
  • planes or helicopters (sound) [July 16: success!]
  • harness being placed on her [June 5, 2016: success!]
  • television (sound) [July 16: success]

Priorities (as of May 2017)

  1. busy streets (one in particular!)
  2. people reaching to pet her
  3. handling: especially to prepare for vet exam, nail trim
  4. bus and truck sounds