Second experiment with Trazodone: April 14, 2016

8:15 am: gave Lyra 50 mg of trazodone (on top of the daily fluoxetine). My plan is to take her for a walk across Markham road, and perhaps to the vet if she does not react on the road. I’m trying to “road test” the drug as an aid in vet visits.

10:23 am: so far, no luck. She backs away from her harness. She seems very withdrawn, and refuses food. She has solicited a few face strokes, but clearly is not up for a walk at this point. I’m going to let her lie in her crate for now.

10:53 am: she is still sound asleep. Hm. Oh wait, Michael just came in the front door (10:56) and Lyra woke up to that sound, and ran to greet him, all smiles. I tried on her harness, and she was less bothered than usual — though it’s clear in the video that she still doesn’t see it as a great thing. Sometimes I think all the cat food / chicken / cheese in the world won’t change Lyra’s mind … One thing I can improve, though, is to try to loom less over her head. It’s a slightly tricky harness to fit, though, so some looming is inevitable.

11:00 am (nearly 3 hours post-T): I took her outside, with the hope of crossing the main road to go to the vet. Lyra was keen to go, but had other ideas regarding where. She refused to turn in the direction of the main road. Instead, she pulled toward the park. On the way, she passed a baby in a stroller with only mild curiosity (sniffing at the adult as she walked past). She showed minimal interest in a dog (Milo) across the street. However, when we got to the park, 20 or 30 primary-school children were playing near the swings and climbing frame. Lyra did not want to go near them. I thought we might walk around them, but she got anxious, so we stopped far short and I fed her chicken at that distance for a while. See video below. On the way home, she was more anxious about the cars than usual. On the whole, then, I’d have to say that the trazodone had no helpful effect — and possibly made her more anxious (though obviously I lack a control study).

[watching this video, I remember now that I’d hoped to put Lyra’s poop bag in the bin part way up the path. Lyra knows the word “bin” by now, but it was too close to the playground noises. So, the green bag features rather prominently, I’m afraid. I need more hands … or a sort of construction worker’s tool belt!]

1:51 pm: since we got back, Lyra has been in a good but slightly subdued mood — apart from barking rather madly at a sparrow in the yard. She wants to be near me most of the time, and is now sleeping on her back near my desk.

3:00 pm: I was in the yard with Lyra when our neighbour (adult male) came into his yard, with the 5 ft fence between us. Lyra barked at him; she’s been wary of him ever since an incident last August, and he keeps changing his beard, which doesn’t help! However, her barking did seem less alarmed than usual, and she fell quiet when I offered her kibble, which she took gently even while he stood talking to me.

I had to leave the house shortly after 3 pm, so put Lyra in her crate. She’s always willing to enter, but this time she seemed more relaxed than usual by my signs of departure. So, some effect 7 hours after intake?