Fun Tricks

April 8, 2017: Now that spring is here, we invented a sport called “Agility LOL”. We ran our first (very short) course today, and have big plans for the summer 🙂

March 31, 2017: I’ve decided to enter Lyra for a Novice Tricks title, since she can do at least a dozen small tricks already. Here’s a snippet:

January 26, 2017: I’ve been teaching Lyra to “pivot” (move her back legs so that she stays in heel position), but have not yet put it on cue — due to nerves, on my part. Instead, I’m having fun with consecutive tricks. [note: it occurs to me that I really need to figure out the “cue” thing! We’ve got “go around” down pat — when I point to an object — but not the pivot. Her “stand tall” is more a visual cue than verbal.]