January 28, 2017: Not easy to persuade Lyra that she likes wearing a muzzle. She dislikes things (not just strangers’ hands) even near her face, never mind touching it. But tonight — thanks to a disgusting combo of bison stew and cheez whiz — she let me buckle the strap and continued to wear the muzzle for about 20 seconds (while licking stew off my fingers). Progress.

January 29, 2017: Lyra walked around the house today — for a minute — wearing her muzzle. Tolkien didn’t know what to make of it, but was attracted to the cheese 🙂 I want to think up a game I can play with her, while she’s wearing it, but her usual play (ball, disc, tug) requires a bite 😛  Of course, the cheese, or bison stew, or cat food are helping, but my next challenge is to get her to enjoy (not just tolerate) wearing it. I’m not sure if that’s expecting too much for a mouthy dog …

February 3, 2017: I was struggling with how to get duration (in her tolerance for the muzzle) then thought of using engagement games, which really helps!