One part of the treatment plan is trying out tools that may (or may not) help. These include

  • Harness: to reduce pressure on her neck when she pulls
  • Muzzleto test her comfort with strangers, especially children, and for vet trips
  • Gentle Leader: to give me more control of her head
  • Mutt Muffsto block noise [this did not seem to help]
  • Crate: a safe place
  • Doggles: to reduce visual stimuli
  • White noise machine / fan: to block noises on garbage collection day

Before any of these can be tested, Lyra must feel at ease. She tends to be wary of objects — they get scarier as they approach her body — so each must be introduced very slowly, with an effort to create a positive conditioned emotional response (+CER). See the page on conditioning.