I am a freelance writer and copy editor with over 20 years of experience — mostly in the postsecondary education sector. Past and current clients include Ryerson University, the University of St. Michael’s College, the University of Toronto (Iter Academic Press), and the Royal School of Church Music (UK). I have a DPhil in English Language & Literature from the University of Oxford. (See my page on client testimonials.)

My business operating name — BWD Writing and Copy Editing — refers to my black and white dog, Lyra. She’s a border collie with an innate desire to herd (but sadly, no sheep!). I watch her try to herd swallows, running in arcs to head them off. She also has the infamous “border collie eye”. She stares at anything (or person) she wants to keep in the fold. It’s not unlike what I do for a living: stare at text, chase it across the page, and try to keep it within the house style — without causing injury.

BWD is a joint venture. I.e., Lyra is happy to lie next to my desk while I work, in return for games and treats. It’s only fair …